Project Title:

HAI-OPS – Hospital Acquired Infection and Outbreak Prevention System (Eurostars Project E98321, UEFISCDI contract no. 47E/2015 / 09.12.2015)

Project coordinator:

Agnieszka Gaczkowska

Project manager:

Arthur Molnar

Total Budget Project:

1,311,751 RON/
Public Budget : 1,548,373 RON

Project implementation duration:

36 months

Financed by

logo-uefiscdiUEFISCDI – Innovation Programme – European Cooperation Eureka – Eurostars Subprogramme,

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HAI-OPS will build a pragmatic, automated solution to significantly decrease HAI prevalence. The project will create a cyber-physical solution integrating a network of sensors and monitoring software able to provide real-time information & alerts, advanced analytics for cutting down HAI roots and for outbreak prevention, all packed as configurable, standards-compliant plug-in for existing Hospital Information Systems (HIS).

The project will handle the prevention of hospital acquired infections (HAI) both as singular cases and outbreaks. HAI-OPS will support healthcare as a service for critical necessity. Any clinical location is a potential customer. Primary targets are the ones with extremely high risks of HAI (surgery, invasive investigations, acute care and infectious diseases units).


HAI-OPS aims to decrease overall mortality and morbidity associated with HAIs, by specifically targeting their most common sources and transmission pathways. This will be achieved using a comprehensive and configurable cyber-physical system

The HAI-OPS platform’s vision is based on the results of a thorough initial survey that has taken into account the state of hospital acquired infections and corresponding regulations in most regions of the globe (including highly-developed countries). As such, HAI-OPS is planned to be commercialized internationally.

HAI-OPS differs from existing solutions by providing a comprehensive & pragmatic solution for combating HAI at many levels, through an integrated cyber-physical system – achieved using a two-pronged approach: basic line of defence( real-time monitoring of clinical workflows most prone to HAI transmission, implemented both horizontally-pathogen-agnostic and vertically-pathogen-specific) and advanced line of defence (risk maps and contact networks).


Starting October 15th, 2018, the current prototype of the HAI-OPS cyber-physical platform is undergoing piloting as part of the project at the NZOZ Eskulap clinical partner location in Skierniewice, Poland.