HAI-OPS will prevent HAI and offer possibilities for their outbreaks management, through a configurable, flexible and comprehensive cyber-physical system.


HAI-OPS upfront key design factors are:

  • maximize amount of relevant data gathered & analysed;
  • minimal overhead on clinical processes;
  • ease of operation for basic functionality usage (for all staff);
  • user friendly higher level functionality (for epidemiologists & management);
  • easy integration with standardized HIS;
  • multi-layered design, minimize dependencies on low level Hw/Sw components (e.g. sensors, drivers) to reduce long term product maintenance costs.
  • Workflow based approach, allowing seamless monitoring of all relevant workflows

  • Complex central software integrating feeds from different sensors and sensor types

  • Configuring workflows to suit the expectations of each deployment location

  • Following infection trends at ward, department and hospital granularity

  • Basic real-time line of defence with pragmatic and flexible alert handling mechanism

  • Advanced line of defence with complex, powerful yet manageable analytics