WP1 – System requirements, architecture and data models

This work package will start the technical work within the HAI-OPS project. WP1 will be coordinated by UPB, given the partner’s expertise in the management and coordination of multi-disciplinary research.

  • T1.1 – Requirements definition
  • T1.2 – Platform design and architecture
  • T1.3 – Hardware requirements for HAI monitoring
  • T1.4 – Modelling clinical workflows affecting HAI
  • T1.5 – Models for prediction and outbreak management

WP2 – Software implementation, integration and testing

The main objective of this WP concerns the development of the final prototype of the HAI-OPS software platform, which falls under the responsibilities of IW. This WP will continue the requirements identification and definition work from WP1, tasks T1.1 and T1.2.

  • T2.1 – Software development of initial prototype
  • T2.2 – Software development of advanced prototype
  • T2.3 – Software development of final prototype

WP3 – Hardware component development, integration and validation

WP3 targets the hardware-side development on the HAI-OPS platform. Tasks will be coordinated by hardware partner INN, will be jointly undertaken by INN together with UPB.

  • T3.1 – Hardware development
  • T3.2 – Platform integration
  • T3.3 – Technical validation

WP4 – Pilot deployment and evaluation

This WP is coordinated by ESK and groups tasks related to the pilot deployments and clinical evaluation of the HAI-OPS cyber-physical platform.

  • T4.1 – Deployment architecture
  • T4.2 – User training and capability development
  • T4.3 – Pilot site deployment of advanced prototype
  • T4.4 – Pilot site deployment of final prototype

Project management, dissemination and exploitation

The management, dissemination and exploitation WP is coordinated by ESK from Poland.

  • T5.1 – Project coordination
  • T5.2 – Technical coordination
  • T5.3 – Dissemination
  • T5.4 – Exploitation